Merchant Trading

We source, store, blend and deliver  commodities reliably, efficiently and responsibly anywhere in the world. We add value to the global trade in natural resources with exceptional service and performance across the supply chain. We strengthen market links between producers and end-users and supply our customers with the commodities they require when and where they need them.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, being ready to respond swiftly to shifting patterns of demand is a key differentiator. We ensure we have the resources and agility to build long-term value with our customers in fast-changing markets.

Our Company has established itself as an unchallenged leader in import-export, with its significant presence at global level.

Trans India House Impex Limited (TIHIL)’s Product Line Includes:

  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Dehydrated Food Products
  • Textiles
  • Packaging
  • Fuel


We are also open to exploring new product lines globally.