Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles

We run global distribution of ceramic and porcelain floor and wall tiles, mosaics and decorations. Our products, appreciated for quality, innovation and Italian design, are naturally destined for both commercial and residential use. Architects, engineers, designers, construction companies and house professionals find in us the ideal partner to transform everyone’s ideas and dreams into reality. The production and distribution programs are customized based on the different needs, habits and trends in the various national markets. All the productions are made according to the most modern technologies to best represent the trends of modern and contemporary taste.



The importance of the brand, the quality of the packaging, the attention and the care of the packing are essential components of the service. Trans India House Impex Limited (TIHIL) is the brand that gives tranquility and security to those who buy it. It is the added value through which there are no more boundaries or limits, but a single big project that offers guarantees, efficiency, precision, timeliness. Because nothing is left to chance and each of the TIHIL customers can feel embraced and pampered, like at home.


Trans India House Impex Limited (TIHIL) has chosen efficient production lines, with great attention to the most modern and advanced technologies and know-how. In order to guarantee the highest quality standards required by the market, preference was given to Italian equipment and machinery. The alignment with the strong principles of corporate social responsibility and a strong conscience in favor of the environment are an important corollary of the work processes of Trans India House Impex Limited (TIHIL). For some time now we have been on the “Green Road” for the use of environmentally friendly materials, whenever possible.