Despite the referee being bribed in Cobra Kai’s favor, Sam manages to beat Devon, leading to Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang being invited in along with Cobra Kai. Sam later finds out from Tory that Silver had rigged their match in Cobra Kai’s favor, leaving Sam livid. She ultimately comes to a truce with Tory after witnessing her mom’s illness, with Tory admitting she felt like a fraud after learning Silver fastened their match. Sam and Tory, along with the students of both Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang type a plan to try and expose Silver to the Cobra Kai students after finding out that Stingray had been assaulted by him.

When Johnny arrives unannounced at their residence, and begins to fight with Daniel, she calmly ends the confrontation by convincing them to discuss their variations over breakfast. After Daniel furiously cuts ties with their employee Robby Keene as punishment for his deception over being Johnny’s son, Amanda not solely convinces him to make amends with Robby, however to turn out to be his coach through the All-Valley Tournament. Towards the end of the movie, Ned demonstrates a degree of morality that indicates he wasn’t totally a bad particular person. When Dugan orders the boys to finish Eric off, Ned’s expression signifies that he was shocked and reluctant to hurt somebody when they’re incapacitated. Also, when Colonel Dugan tells him to “put her away” earlier than preventing Julie, Ned appears at Dugan with a shocked expression before reluctantly agreeing.

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To spite his father for neglecting him in favor of Miguel, Robby begins working at LaRusso Auto Group. Despite his unique ulterior motive, Robby grows to understand Daniel’s faith in him and turns in opposition to Cruz and Trey after they attempt to rob the dealership by fighting them off together with his newfound karate skills and a safety camera. Robby turns into Daniel’s Miyagi-Do karate pupil and prospers under this tutelage.

He resumes his romantic relationship with Tory with a kiss after Tory reassures him that Kenny will come by way of and apologizes for her previous mistakes. In Season 2, Robby moves in with the LaRussos after his mom Shannon abandons him and leaves together with her boyfriend Rick to go on vacation to Mexico, and is evicted from their apartment as a end result of unpaid payments. After Robby takes Sam to Johnny’s apartment after getting drunk at a celebration, Daniel furiously accuses Robby of following the footsteps of his father and cuts ties with Johnny and Robby. With his mom in rehab and his relationship with Daniel tarnished, Robby is compelled to live with Johnny, and the pair slowly begin to reconcile. During the karate struggle between the Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do students in school, Robby as quickly as again gets into a fight with Miguel, who taunts him by mocking his relationship problems with Johnny and Sam. After a lengthy battle, Miguel eventually traps Robby in an arm lock and nearly decides to break his arm to finish the college brawl as quickly as and for all but decides to let go of him after remembering Johnny’s recommendation of displaying mercy.

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In addition, Yuji Okumoto (Chozen Toguchi) has a recurring role throughout Season 5. Marcus (Jaden Labady) is a member of Anthony’s gang who helps him bully Kenny at college. Marcus is ultimately suspended for his bullying after being lured into a lure in the faculty’s library. Greg Hughes (P.J. Byrne) is Stingray’s next door neighbor when he is dwelling at his sister’s house. He is aggravated with Stingray’s infantile behavior and his fanaticism of Cobra Kai, leading to him nicknaming him “Stink-Ray”. He later calls him out for his conduct in the course of the prom after-party in entrance of the partygoers, pointing out Stingray has no friends his age and threatens to arrest the partygoers for underage drinking.

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In Season 4, Amanda unintentionally will get Tory fired from her sushi restaurant job when trying to defend Sam for her actions in direction of her during the home battle. After Kreese tells Amanda about Tory’s current residence situation, she presents her help for her mom and a model new job, revealing that she was once a troubled and offended teenager herself. Amanda was then charged with misdemeanor reckless endangerment and was not allowed to stroll during her commencement, but her mother and father inevitably divorced. Sato (Danny Kamekona) is Chozen’s uncle and Miyagi’s former finest good friend with whom he had a robust brotherly friendship, to the point Miyagi asked his father to show Sato karate, which, traditionally, was only taught from father to son.

In Season 2, Anoush is transferred from the Encino department to the North Hollywood department. After being attacked by Johnny, who’s on the lookout for Robby, Anoush leaves LaRusso Auto Group to join Cole’s on Van Nuys when he is offered a better position by Tom Cole. Daniel is unable to supply Anoush a counter offer after he stands Amanda and Anoush up at an essential lunch assembly due to his focus on his Miyagi-do Karate students. Louie LaRusso Jr. (Bret Ernst) is Daniel’s cousin and a LaRusso Auto Group gross sales agent.

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In the final scene of the season finale, he is proven at Miyagi Do with the Miyagi Do and Eagle Fang Karate Students, in addition to former Cobra Kai scholar Hawk, getting ready to coach for the following All Valley Tournament. Despite Daniel’s vehement objections to lifting the lifetime ban on Cobra Kai from competing on the All Valley Tournament, Ron opts to let Johnny make his case and put the matter to a vote. He, Daryl, and Sue finally outvote Daniel and George to carry the ban. In Season 4, he invitations pop star Carrie Underwood as a guest performer for the All-Valley match earlier than the qualifying matches. She has a new-age hippie fashion sense and a pacifistic persona, abhorring all types of violence. At the All Valley event, Moon sits with Demetri and cheers for Hawk.

Ravi meets one other camper named Sasha and wishes Emma and Jorge’s assist to speak to her. They begin courting, however Ravi quickly discovers he and Sasha have nothing in common. Despite this, he takes half in adventures, enduring many injuries in doing so. Their being completely opposite eventually leads to their break-up. Meanwhile, Zuri and Tiffany find a Tawny eagle egg whereas bird-watching and try to tend to it, just for Lou to catch them. Instead of taking the egg to a wildlife officer as Lou directs them, Zuri and Tiffany take the egg again to its nest.

In the process, they be taught that Sean’s blog is a lie and that she by no means traveled around the world. Finn and Destiny try to befriend Benji, however he seems to be bothered by their efforts. Matteo thinks they’re trying too onerous, but Benji reveals that he will get nervous when assembly new individuals. Meanwhile, Ava convinces Noah that they should try sneaking off to a live performance, but they in the end are unable to get there. Lou discovers previous bins containing camp founder Jedediah Swearengen’s belongings, including his diary. Lou is towards studying the diary as she wants to respect the founder’s privateness, however Destiny takes it and learns that Jedediah was a poor camp director at Camp Kikiwaka.